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      A Serbian-American actor, writer and producer, born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to a sportsman father and an artist mother, Aleksandar naturally became interested in those areas of life from his earliest childhood. In the 90s they moved to Moscow, where, with becoming a fluent Russian speaker, as well as attending a mathematical lyceum and competing in mathematics at the famous Lomonosov University at only 11 years of age, Aleksandar also started training in swimming, karate, ballroom dancing, and singing, piano and guitar. What followed next was a move to London, where he completed elementary school and started soccer training. After that, he returned to Belgrade, where he graduated from the Fourth Belgrade Gymnasium (high-school) among the best students. During that period, he began to attend acting classes, but also committed seriously to soccer.

     Talent and hard work more than payed off, so Aleksandar received a sports scholarship to the prestigious Royal Holloway University of London. At only 20 years of age, he graduated with a BSc in Computer Science. Together with his regular studies, he played soccer for London's All-star team. He returned then to Serbia to start his professional soccer career. However, parallel to that, he was accepted to the famous Serbian acting school, and realized that he was more drawn to acting. He also passed the IQ test with the maximum score and became a member of MENSA (a society made up of people with extremely high IQ levels), and also began studying Italian, Flamenco dancing and started kick-boxing training.

     Not long after, he decided to test his luck by applying to the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute in New York City. There he mastered his acting abilities, with great compliments from the school's professors, including Hope Arthur, George Loros, Paul Calderon, Geoffrey Horne, Pennie DuPont and others. He used his time spent in New York to sharpen his English accents and performed in NY theaters utilizing over 10 different English dialects. He also trained in dance at the well-known Dancesport academy, under the instruction of the famed Paul Pellicoro, and managed to find time for gymnastics lessons, as well as aikido, with sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada and karate with sensei Masataka Mori.

     After finishing his studies, he moved to Los Angeles, where he shot a few student and independent movies, did voice-overs for an Electronic Arts video game and expanded his fighting skills, by practicing Extreme Martial Arts (XMA), with the seven-time world martial arts champion, and the youngest master in the history of Black Belt Magazine - Mike Chat. Soon after, he received an offer to join the cast of the most watched tv series in the history of Serbian cinematography, so he moved back to Belgrade, where he lined up big roles in the shows "Village is Burning", "Montevideo", "White Lions", "Ravna Gora" and others. During this stay in Serbia, he passed his karate black-belt testing, started skydiving, while spending his free time waterskiing, skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating. He also completed lifeguard training and became active a year later, during the catastrophic floods that hit Serbia and the region, by taking part in various rescue operations at the most critical locations. Then he also became a member of the Red Cross of Serbia.

      Soonafter, he received offers for leading roles in two new tv-series in Serbia, wrote, composed and sang his first single "Fire in Heaven", filmed the latest, hit tv-show "My Father's Killers", and then decided to return to Los Angeles, where his versatility and talent should be warmly received, and his desire to inspire people can be accomplished on a much wider level.